Sri Lanka :Wellness and Harmony

Welcome to Sri Lanka, a land of inner peace and beauty. Relax and transform in a unique and harmonious land. Enjoy a vibrant cultural experience. From fertile wetlands, ecological forests, imposing mountains, bounteous rivers and waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife - much of it endemic and unique ecosystems. Visit heritage sites from ancient cities to colonial forts, fine arts and crafts and grand festivals, and friendly people of diverse cultural ethnicity. Enjoy a visit to a rock temple, optional Ayuvedic and spa treatments, yoga classes ,a cooking experience and a visit to a spce farm to sample the flavors and fragrance of the local spices grown in Sri Lanka.



  • 10 nights accomodations in four star hotels
  • Daily buffet breakfast & dinner.
  • Trek to Hiriwaduna with lunch
  • Transportation in air conditioned deluxe coach/van with English speaking drive/ guide.
  • Services of an English speaking guide during excursions
  • Entrance fees to the places of visit as per the itinerary.
  • Packaged drinking water in the vehicle throughout
  • Yoga program in Dambulla and Kandy
  • All applicable taxes.

    Hotels or Similar

    Colombo: Cinnamon Grand ( 1)

    Dambulla: :Amaya Lake (2)

    Kandy: Kandy Samadi Center (4)

    Bentota: :Aida Ayuvedia Spa (3)

    Note: Kandy Samadi Center does not have air conditioning

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    Learning Journeys
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    12 Days
    Escorted - Yes
    Day 1Departure DayDEPARTURE DAY!
    Depart from your home city to begin a journey of a lifetime to Sri Lanka.

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    Day 2ColomboARRIVE COLOMBO
    Welcome to Sri Lanka a vibrant land of colors, natural beauty, wellness and harmony.

    Arrive at Colombo International Airport, where you will be met and assisted by a Learning Journeys Representative and transfer to Colombo

    Colombo was probably known to Roman, Arab, and Chinese traders more than 2,000 years ago. Muslims settled there in the 8th century and controlled much of the trade between Sinhalese kingdoms and the outside world. The Portuguese arrived in the 16th century and built a fort to protect their spice trade. The Dutch captured the city in the 17th century. The British made the city the capital of their crown colony of Ceylon in 1802

    Sightseeing highlights include the Colombo Town Hall, and the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. Apart from excellent shopping, Colombo offers visits to one of the world's leading tea auctions, an 18 hole Golf Course, seasonal Buddhist and Hindu pageants, international cricket tournaments, plush casinos, enjoyable evening entertainment and excellent restaurants. State-of-the-Art communications and Cyber services are available in the hotels and other outlets.

    Dinner & overnight at Cinnamon Grand. (D)

    Day 3DambullaCOLOMBO - DAMBULLA
    After breakfast at the hotel you will proceed to Dambulla (Approximately 4 hrs driving time)

    Arrive and en-route to the hotel you will explore The Dambulla Rock Temple. This has five caves under a vast overhanging rock, carved with a drip line to keep the interiors dry. In 1938 the architecture was embellished with arched colonnades and gabled entrances. Inside the caves, the ceilings are painted with intricate patterns of religious images, following the contours of the rock. There are images of the Lord Buddha and bodhisattvas, as well as various gods and goddesses. It contains over 150 images of the Buddha of which the largest is the colossal figure of the Buddha carved out of rock and spanning 14 metres. This temple is also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This temple is also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla.

    After your tour proceed to the hotel and check - in.

    The evening is free for Yoga by the lake or to partake in Ayurveda treatments.

    Dinner & overnight at Amaya Lake (B,D)

    Early morning participate in a Yoga season for one hour (Morning 06.00 am to 07.00 am)

    After breakfast you will drive to Sigiriya - rising 200m straight up over the dusty plains of north central Sri Lanka, the flat-topped rock formation of Sigiriya is not only one of the island's most impressive geological formations but also one of its greatest archaeological legacies.

    The Lion Platform

    Sigiriya (Lion's rock) is an ancient rock fortress and palace ruin situated in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka. This is one of the seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. Climb the 5th century Sigiriya rock. The 'Lion Rock', a citadel of unusual beauty rising 200 metres from the scrub jungle. The rock was the innermost stronghold of the 70 hectare fortified town. A moat, rampart, and extensive gardens including the renowned water gardens ring the base of the rock. Visit the world-renowned frescoes of the 'Heavenly Maidens' of Sigiriya, which are in a sheltered pocket of the rock approached by a spiral stairway. These frescoes are painted in earth pigments on plaster.

    About halfway up the rock is a sheltered gallery of frescoes painted on the sheer rock face. The 'Heavenly Maidens' are similar in style to the paintings of Ajanta in India. Some of them are still in remarkably good condition. Only 22 out of an estimated 500 pictures now remain. Flash photography is not allowed at this site. The Northern end of the rock the pathway emerges to a platform - The Lion Platform, from which the rock derives its name Sigiriya (the Lion Rock). At one time a gigantic brick lion sat at the end of the rock, and the final ascent to the summit was between the lion's paws and into its mouth! Today the lion has disappeared, only the paws and the first steps are visible.

    Arrive at the summit, covering an area of around 1.6 hectares. The design, layout and magnificent views that it still enjoys to this day, suggest Sigiriya would have been more of a royal palace of pleasure than a fortress. A pond scooped out of solid rock measuring 27m x 21m, looks like a modern rooftop pool. A smooth slab of flat stone, often referred to as the kings stone throne, faces the rising sun.

    After your visit you will return to Dambulla.

    Evening free for Ayurveda treatments

    Dinner & overnight

    Early this morning participate in a Yoga season for one hour (Morning 06.00 am to 07.00 am)

    After breakfast proceed to Kandy stopping en route to visit Matale, a town in the hill country of Sri Lanka. It is an area steeped in history and village living. Here you will visit a spice garden and see the various spices for which Sri Lanka is famous for. You will also learn how some of these spices are grown and then processed. From time immemorial spices like cardamom, ginger, mint, cinnamon, cloves etc. have always been used to create mouth - watering aromatic dishes. Spices have always been more than just ingredients that add flavour and aroma to foods and have been known to have magical healing powers. As well as being culinary ingredients spices also have medicinal properties. They have been used as appetizers, digestives, anti - oxidants, preservatives. In addition many spices possess strong anti - microbial and antibiotic activities. Different parts of the spice plants can be used to a add flavour to dishes. Magical spices are used in the forms of dried seeds, leaves, barks, roots and fruits. Some spices are ground and used in the powder form, other times a number of different spices are ground up to form a specific spice used for seasoning.

    Continue to Kandy which is the he English name for the city of Maha Nuvara . It was the last capital of the ancient kings' era of Sri Lanka. The city lies in the midst of hills in the Kandy plateau, which crosses an area of tropical plantations, mainly tea. Kandy is one of the most scenic cities in Sri Lanka; it is both an administrative and religious city.

    Arrive and proceed to the hotel.

    Evening free for Ayurveda treatments

    Dinner and overnight at Kandy Samadhi Center

    After an early morning yoga session followed by breakfast you will proceed to visit the Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya is a 60 hectare (147 acre) garden and is the largest in Sri Lanka. Located close to Kandy at 460 meters above sea level, and with a 200 day annual rain fall and is managed by the Division of National Botanic Gardens of the Department of Agriculture. These gardens are renowned for its collection of a variety of orchids which includes more than 300 varieties of orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palms trees. Attached to it is the National Herbarium. The Botanical Garden at Peradeniya was formally established in 1843 with plants brought from Kew Garden, Slave Island, Colombo and the Kalutara Garden in Kalutra. The Royal Botanic Garden, Peradeniya was made more independent and expanded under George Gardner as superintendent in 1844.

    Later today you will explore the city including a visit to The Temple of the Tooth Relic and is one of the most venerable places for the Buddhist community of Sri Lanka and all around the world. It was declared by the UNESCO has a world heritage in 1988.

    According to Sri Lankan legends, when Buddha died in India his body was cremated in a sandalwood pyre and his left canine tooth was retrieved from the funeral pyre by a spiritual practitioner - Khema who in turn gave it to King Brahmadatte for veneration. It became a royal possession in Brahmadatte's country and was kept in the city of Dantapuri (present day Puri in Orissa).

    A belief grew that whoever possessed the Sacred Tooth Relic had a divine right to rule that land. Wars were fought to take possession of the relic. It is said that Sri Lanka was chosen as the home for the tooth relic because the Lord Buddha had declared that his religion would be safe in Sri Lanka for 2,500 years. The relic is enshrined in a beautiful palace within the royal palace complex itself. The Sacred Tooth Relic came to be regarded as a symbolic representation of the living Buddha and it is on this basis that there grew up a series of offerings, rituals, and ceremonies.

    Enjoy a drive around the Kandy Lake. You will also explore the Kandy town and bazaar, the arts and crafts Center, a gem museum and a lapidary! The tour culminates as you witness a cultural show.

    Dinner and overnight at Kandy Samadhi Center

    Today, the day is at your own leisure to do activities such as meditation, cookery classes or visit a nearby waterfall.

    Activities such as Meditation, Cookery classes or visit to a water fall close by are available.

    Dinner and overnight at Kandy Samadhi Center

    Day 8BentotaKANDY - BENTOTA
    Early this morning you may participate in a yoga session.

    After breakfast you will drive to Bentota which is located on the southern tip of the Galle District. Its name is derived from a mythical story which dates back to kings time saying a demon called Bem ruled this river (tota = river bank). (Approximately 4 hrs driving time)

    Arrive and proceed to your hotel and the rest of the day is at leisure.

    Dinner & overnight at Aida Ayurveda & Spa

    Day 9BentotaBENTOTA
    The day is at leisure to partake in activities provided by the hotel.

    Activities include Yoga (Morning or evening) by the River, Ayurveda treatments, Ayurveda lectures, Cookery classes and Meditation

    Please check on the link given above for the daily schedule

    Dinner & overnight at Aida Ayurveda & Spa

    Day 10BentotaBENTOTA
    The day is at leisure to partake in activities provided by the hotel.

    Activities include Yoga (Morning or evening) by the River, Ayurveda treatments, Ayurveda lectures, Cookery classes and Meditation

    Please check on the link given above for the daily schedule

    Dinner & overnight at Aida Ayurveda & Spa

    Today you will drive to Galle, the capital city of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The port town of Galle is Sri Lanka's fourth biggest town and its history dates back to 1505 when a Portuguese fleet bound for Maldives was blown off course and took shelter in the Galle Harbour. This arrival drastically changed the course of Sri Lankan history. In 1598, the Portuguese built a small fort which was later extended. However, when the Dutch took over in 1640, they destroyed all traces of the Portuguese presence. In 1663, the Dutch built the 36-hectare Fort, which is now a World Heritage Site.

    Galle, the epic Southern capital, is the intersection where classic Dutch architecture meets a tropical setting creating a vivid atmosphere in beauty. Walk around the Dutch-haunted streets listening to the creaks of wooden saloon doors and observe how European architecture mingles with South Asian traditions today flooding cultural enthusiasts on a global scale. Its original ramparts and bastions preserved up to date showcase evidences of a heritage preserved for more than 3 1/2 centuries.

    The Galle Fort was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese and then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. It is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument, which even after more than 423 years maintains a polished appearance, due to extensive reconstruction work done by Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka. The fort has a colourful history, and today has a multi-ethnic and multi-religious population.

    The Galle Fort, also known as the Dutch Fort or the "Ramparts of Galle "withstood the Boxing Day Tsunami which damaged part of coastal are of Galle town. Walk clockwise within the fort to observe the 'old gate' carrying the British coat of arms. Flanking the old gate is the Zwart bastion - the oldest of all - and the lighthouse standing 18 feet in its glory next to the Point Utretcht Bastion. This Dutch bliss is painted with streets that spread in a rectangular grid pattern pierced with houses carrying Dutch colonial style verandas. Continue to The Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the most tranquil attractions of the city and it exudes a sense of calm. A must-visit for those seeking spirituality and inner peace, this attraction makes for an excellent trek and also offers mesmerizing views from the top of the double-storey structure.

    Balapitiya is where you will get the chance to sit back and observe how ecology and culture combines under the sun!

    Then, you will cut through the clear water of Madhu River - a lifeline of Balapitiya - and head towards Kotu Duwa, the small island housing a temple that dates back to ancient Sinhalese kings. Or, sail through tunnels of shady mangroves swaying alongside Madhu River - hiding an ecological treasure - to witness the tranquility of this bio-diversity hot spot which boasts of reptiles, mollusks and over 70 species of fresh water fish. Today the region - which is strong in observing rural folk life in the island - does not only boast of cinnamon plantations in abundance, but also has a fine 'fish pedicure center' - one of the most potent & latest rejuvenation techniques. Apart from these amenities Balapitiya has also become a household name in the minds of bird watchers ensuring a thrilling offshore experience.

    After this boat ride you will return to the hotel and the rest of the day is at leisure.

    Dinner & overnight at Aida Ayurveda & Spa

    Today is a day to relax and depart for your home city, taking with you new skills and an unforgettable experience!

    Arrive to the airport from your hotel transfer and connect with your onwards flight!


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